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Online Booking 

  In partnership with a company called Health Myself we have established a secure and private area on the Internet which will allow you to book appointments online with the clinic.  

  • Dr. Laura Andersen
  • Dr. Ela Bednarska 
  • Dr. Laurie Dusseault
  • Dr. Dalia El-Assar 
  • Dr. Christopher Johansen
  • Dr. Rebecca Lubitz 
  • Dr. Wyatt McTavish
  • Dr. Auzair Tak
  • Dr. Carly Tapp
  • Dr. Kristopher Varano
  • Dr. Art Winter
  • Dr. Xu Wang

  • To book an appointment, click below. 

    Patients must have a valid email on file with our office and a signed email consent form. 
    (This is different from the shared email consent form found below)

    Share Email Consent Form

      We recommend that everybody 16 years of age or older have a unique email address.  

      We understand that in some instances this may not be practical and require signed consent from all parties involved to share an email address. The consent form can be found here.  It MUST be signed by all parties and returned to the office before shared access will be allowed. 

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